Looking for a way through the wilderness of a changing life?

I can help you navigate your way to the life you’d love


• Do you ever feel lost, overwhelmed or directionless?

Or sometimes feel life is out of your control?

Has your life been diverted without your permission?

• If so, I want to help & I really can help, coaching with me can give you back choice and control in your life, find meaning and purpose and make the changes you want to have the life you’d love.

• If you have lost direction, feel overwhelmed, or feel you have lost your role in life or identity, through ill health, relationships, divorce, aging, retirement, redundancy, empty nest, or anything else, because so many things can affect our capacity and resilience.

• In our sessions I help you to feel better, to feel stronger & more confident and to create more choice in how you respond to problems, symptoms or situations, empowering you to move forward with hope & positivity, reconnecting with yourself despite a changing life.

• Because I too have experienced a changed life and have worked through the turbulent times to create a life I love, I can support you through this time in your life to find meaning and purpose and a future you love! My personal experience of life limiting illness and finding a way through that along with other life changes to create the life I now love, means it is essential to me that my work supports others to do this too.

“No one can go back in time and change their life story, but anyone can start today & change their future” Jane


Book your free discovery call and find out how I can help you.

In your discovery call, we will get to know each other, I can understand your problems and your wishes and then with your agreement and based on your individual needs I will create your bespoke coaching experience.

Coaching can be anything from a single session to help you making a decision or to move through a current life situation, to several sessions of empowering collaboration where we work together towards what you’d love more of in your life.

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